z flashing

The Different Uses of Z-Flashing and L-Flashing and When to Use Each

Anyone remotely associated with construction,  In order to make sure that buildings are properly protected against the elements, you will always need to consider metal flashing. Understanding the importance of custom metal flashing in construction will be key in order to ensure the longevity of the building. At New Standard Building Materials, we work hard…

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washington building supply

Washington Building Supply Ponders on the Future Construction After COVID-19

Throughout human history, pandemics have always resulted in significant lifestyle changes. The Plague of Athens in 430 BC, one of the earliest recorded epidemics, resulted in severe sociopolitical changes that shifted the population’s priorities and called into question the prior legal, economic, and moral dogma. The Black Death of the 14th century, responsible for the…

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window metal flashing

Properly Implementing Window Metal Flashing

Windows represent practical necessities as well as structural compromises. After all, these represent the potential intrusion of the elements into the building in question. We need these holes on the wall in order to procure ventilation and light in the inside of the buildings in question. How do we keep that from becoming into way…

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metal flashing in Seattle

Metal Flashing vs Flexible Flashing: Which One’s the Best Way to Go?

At the time of applying flashing to buildings, walls, and structures, it is vital to select the ideal material for these specific circumstances. After all, the flashing will be preventing the passage of water into the structure. Choose the wrong material and you will be dealing with humidity, leaks, and worse. A lot of contractors…

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Washington building supply

The Wooden Catalog of Our Washington Building Supply

It’s impossible to understate the importance of wood, not only in contemporary home building but also in the entire history of construction itself. It is vital, after all, for practical, aesthetic, and structural purposes throughout the whole construction process. Whether it is actual wood, simulated wooden looks, or a mixture of both, our Washington building…

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vinyl siding suppliers in Seattle

Vinyl Siding Suppliers in Seattle Explain the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Siding

When it comes to implementing siding on a home, there are many different options available. Whether you are looking for the more authentic look of wood or more cost-effective and durable vinyl, you will have a wide array of alternatives to choose from. As wooden and vinyl siding suppliers in Seattle, we at New Standard…

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Building Materials

The Highest Standard in Building Materials

Everyone deserves the highest quality of building materials, but not everyone has all of the time they would like to learn what the best of everything is, weigh the pros and cons of one kind against another, and then make the most informed decision for their needs. That’s where New Standard Building Materials comes in….

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Hardie vertical siding

Browse Through Our Fibercement Hardie Vertical Siding

The Hardie siding collection has a variety of different options available that can work for different architectural styles, weather conditions, and tastes. At New Standard Building Materials, we make sure to provide our customers with every siding option available, from Hardie vertical siding to shingles and panels. We aim to offer the most complete catalog…

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primed spruce fascia

Use Primed Spruce Fascia Board in Your American Craftsman Home

Few styles are as demonstrably and certifiably American as the renowned Craftsman style. This style is, after all, seen all across the United States. Its popular appeal and visual simplicity have allowed it to appeal to all sorts of different tastes and sensibilities. For well over a century, it has continued to define the artistic…

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WA building supplies

Siding and Siding Accessories: We’ve Got You Covered from All Sides

Siding is one of the first things that anyone will notice when they see your building. The right siding can make a tremendous first impression. That’s true whether you’re getting siding for a home, a commercial establishment, or just about any building. Here at New Standard Building Materials, we’ve been helping experienced contractors, first-time homeowners,…

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