Determining What Clear Cedar Siding Is

When seeking out siding options, a lot of people want that traditional look characteristic to wooden structures. People love the look of wood for a variety of reasons, be it the rustic quality or durable visual integrity. When it comes to selecting the right wooden siding, though, it’s very important to know about the visual and structural aspects of the material of your choice. That is what lumber grades are for. A lot of people know that they want clear cedar siding without really knowing what that means or even looks like. Let’s take a look at just what this kind of grading entails and what you can specifically look for.


What Exactly is Clear Cedar Siding?


First of all, let’s talk about cedar grades. These are the standards by which both the integrity and the appearance of lumber are evaluated on a scale. Lumber grades, in general, can be very technical, which is why they can be very confusing when you have to pick one out. On top of that, different species will have different grading systems. Cedar has two different grading systems: an appearance grade and a structural one. Clear cedar siding is a factor of appearance grading. In this scale, which goes from A to D, clear cedar corresponds to the A. This clear quality refers to the fact that cedar at this point is almost completely devoid of knots.



The Advantages of Clear Siding


Yes, clear siding still has a few visible knots here and there. While you can get cedar that is free of 100% of knots, this is very expensive and often difficult to find, which is why clear cedar is often the best option. Besides, wood surfaces without any knots lose the naturally rustic appeal of wood. In fact, a lot of knot-less wooden surfaces can look like artificial wood regardless of their real quality. If you want house siding that looks clean and polished while still looking like real wood, then this siding is the best option for you. At New Standard Building Materials, we want to make sure that you receive the construction materials that suit your home the best.


Why Choose Clear Cedar Siding


When settling on a choice of siding, you don’t just want something that looks good. You will want something that is ultimately durable and resistant to the elements. That’s what siding is for, isn’t it? It’s meant to protect the exterior of your structure. This kind of siding can give you the best of both aesthetics and structural integrity. Your siding can hence look good and natural while also providing the right kind of protection.


New Standard Building Materials


At New Standard Building Materials, we make an effort to provide you with a wide catalog of siding materials specially developed to provide aesthetic and practical support to just about any project. You can browse through our website and look through our catalog in order to find the siding you are looking for. If you need help with anything, want an estimate, or have any questions regarding any of our offerings, you can call us at (206) 268-0663 or email us at We are here to help you find the supplies you are in need of.

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