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You will find everything you need for decking at our stores, including wood, composite, and accessories. It’s important to learn more about your options and understand and make a decision on the pros and cons, and select decking materials specifically matching your project.

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New Standard offer composite, woo, alternative materials and everything you need for decking in one place

Versatile, sustainable and high-performance Cedar decking adds organic warmth and texture to a site, delivering a sophisticated earthiness with architectural punch.
Composite decking is resistant to moisture, weathering, and fading, making it a long-lasting option for decades to come.
Composite decking tiles are affordable and durable. Easy to install and just as aesthetic as wood, our composite decking tiles are your best choice if you are on a budget.
Extend the life of your decking with a well-built deck frame that reduces the chances of your deck having to be repaired or replaced.


Getting a deck built today is easier than ever with the variety of decking materials available to you. Choose from traditional cedar decking or durable composite deck tiles to create your own beautiful living space.

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