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Building Hardware & Foundation

Building hardware products

Products/tools used in construction and home improvement are essential for every building project. Our stores provide professional services, supplying projects on time and within your budget. With New Standard Building Materials in Seattle, you will find a wide range of products in one place right near you.

Brands We Carry

New Standard provides building materials, fasteners, hinges, locks, keys, plumbing supplies, cleaning supplies, electrical supplies, paint, and other products.

Having the right set of hangers is essential to ensure strong connections and support for your joists, rafters or beams.
Provide strong structural support for any building with reinforced bar - a critical element of every construction project.
Using the right foam insulation is essential for insulating and protecting various parts of your building, whether these are basement walls, foundation walls, under slabs, crawlspaces etc.

Builders know how important the use of high quality hardware in their construction projects is to the structural integrity of the building. We listen to and work closely with builders to understand their needs and source from leading brands in the market to meet their demands.

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