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Fencing & Rails

Fencing Materials

We are a one-stop solution for finding parts and materials you need for building fences, repairing, and remodeling fences for your yard or business. We have fence materials for many sizes. Whether you are a DIY homeowner or a contractor, you will find the fence and railing supplies and materials as well as cost-effective deals at New Standard Building Materials stores in Seattle.

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Using our quality 1x6x6 cedar, you can create aesthetically pleasing fences that are durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance.
Complement the aesthetics of your project with modern wire and glass railings by placing special orders with us.


Good quality fencing materials are hard to come by. Whereas other stores sell #2 and #3 grade lumber, we provide only premium #1 grade lumber for our customers at the same price. Place orders with us and have guaranteed #1 fencing materials delivered to your site the next day! You can also buy pressure treated material, concrete, nails, and all the tools you will need to build that fence.

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