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Converting a home into an Airbnb is one of the most effective ways to generate more income and even get passive money. That is especially if you live in large cities or suburbs that people frequent for one reason or another. If you’re in Seattle and would like to convert your home into an Airbnb, what steps can you take to make this a reality? Getting your house Airbnb-friendly is an involved journey that requires determination and passion. Here are some of the big-ticket items you should start ticking off the bucket:



Bathroom fixtures that are Airbnb-friendly


One of the best-selling house fixtures includes bathroom items. When people are swiping on your house pictures on the Airbnb platform, they might be keen on seeing how the bathroom is. To ensure that this is all up to scratch, go to the nearest building material supplier, and get fixtures such as towel, toilet paper rails. Also, have fresh towels and robes for each guest.


Adding insulation to your house


It is quite important that an Airbnb stays warm in winter and cool during summer. There is one way to do this in an energy-efficient way and that is by insulating the entire house. You can visit New Standard building material supplier to get relevant insulation to make your house suitable for guests.


Renovating the kitchen 


Although the guests you will be welcoming to your home will most likely not cook during their stay, it is important to have the kitchen looking great. Upgrade the kitchen by adding new tiling, a fresh coat of paint, and other finishing materials to make it look modern. All these things can be sourced at your nearest building material store.


Building a patio


The guests you will be hosting might want to feel the sea breeze or enjoy some fresh air whenever they get the chance. Therefore, building a patio is a great idea. You can get any decking material at our stores which contributes to the beauty and appeal of the house. It will also be great for visitors when they want to get some fresh air or just relax outdoors instead of staying indoors all the time.


Upgrading tiling


If you have used the house for some years, it will be a great idea to upgrade the tiling before letting other people stay in it for their holidays. Therefore, you should upgrade the bathroom and kitchen tiles. You might consider adding trendy flooring for other rooms such as laminate flooring or even carpeting where it is appropriate.


Contact us today to get your building materials!


You do not have to look very far for your building material needs in Seattle. We are standing by to handle any needs for the project you will be embarking on. Call us today at (206) 268-0663 to speak with one of our friendly consultants. Alternatively, visit our showrooms to see what we have in stock to make your house Airbnb-friendly.

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