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Four tips to weatherproof your house for winter

Winter is around the corner and with it comes rainy days. How can you make sure that your house is safe from rain damage? Let’s find out how you can weatherize your home this winter.





Clean your decks and inspect them carefully to determine whether they need to be re-stained or renovated. Check to see if the scuppers are not clogged and that water drains well. If ignored, damage from rains can lead to mold, warping, expanding, fading and rotting. Mold and fungus growth contributes to slippery decks that can lead to slipping and other safety hazards.




Composite decking

In such rainy and humid climates, composite decking might be your answer. You have a variety of decking designs to choose from. When planning these projects, avoid rainy days.




Examine your house’s exterior for any siding damages. Heavy winds and rains can drive moisture into any cracks and seams, which can accumulate over time leading to mold and fungus in the interior walls. Fill in holes, cracks and repaint if needed before the rains really start. Be sure to inspect the siding every few years and replace old siding with new ones if necessary.



There are several options for siding materials available such as cedar, pine, fiber cement etc. You might be better off replacing your old siding with a new one instead of building over it to prevent dampness from seeping in.


Windows & Doors


Water can get inside through cracks and gaps around window and door frames. Seal in the gaps or if the windows and doors are old, replace them instead. Repaint your metal window and door frames to avoid rusting and prevent moisture from seeping in. Be sure to check on the rubber lining of windows as well.



If you decide to install or replace doors and windows, be sure to explore different materials available and choose the best according to your needs and taste.


Metal flashing



Basically, flashing is a thin, water-resistant strip or sheet installed around windows and doors, along roof intersections, and along roof projections to direct water flow away from the home. Be sure to inspect your roof thoroughly to fix any broken flashing, loose shingles or chimney damages. There are companies, like New Standard Building Materials, that provide custom metal flashing according to your specific needs.




Now that you have a checklist to go through, take note of all the supplies you will need to weatherproof your home. New Standard Building Materials offers decking materials, siding, custom metal flashing as well as windows and doors. We are your one stop solution for all building materials supplies.

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