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Decks are one of the favorite ways in which people can make better use of the outdoor space in their homes and comfortably spend more time outside. Of course, decks will require a great number of materials to build a successful and useful environment, all of which our builders’ supply in Seattle can provide. Here are some of the different kinds of decks with which we can help you.



Wraparound Deck


Wraparound porches are a staple of plenty of older homes, where they are usually an even strip of landing that circles a whole story of the house. The modern iteration of this is the wraparound deck, which provides homes with an outdoor space all around one or more floors. Unlike the porches, the deck can be shaped to the designer’s liking, providing more ample sections where desired and really allowing one to play with space. These are increasingly popular when the deck is on a second story or higher given the opportunity to make use of vistas, take advantage of having more room, and allowing access from bedrooms. Wraparound decks can be great ways for home without ample property to have room for outdoor use.


Multi-Tier Deck


Sometimes, given the terrain or the distribution of space, there isn’t a way to have a reasonably-sized deck in one piece. In these situations, multi-tier decks can provide a home with different connected levels. These are blessings in disguise, for even if they are being implemented in spite of the terrain, they allow for an outstanding distribution and use of space. Each section of the deck can be designated for different uses, and you can later connect these with steps or paths to bypass slopes and terrain. Our builders’ supply in Seattle has all the necessary materials needed to build successful multi-tier decking and all the necessary structures that come with it.


Rooftop Deck


When there are challenges with the outdoor space in a property, be them because of terrain or room, a lot of people look to their rooftops. Homes with flat rooftops or garages are perfect for this alternative, especially when there are views to admire and environments to enjoy. Of course, you can’t just go up to your rooftop and make use of it without alterations. The surface of your rooftop is designed to withstand the elements, not foot traffic or furniture. This is why you will need the right materials to transform your rooftop into a deck you can enjoy and make use of. Our builders’ supply in Seattle can provide you with the best materials for the job.


Builders Supply in Seattle


Here at New Standard Building Materials, we know that you want to always make use of the best materials available when building anything for your home, including decks. That is why our builders’ supply in Seattle is well-equipped to provide you with everything you need to build the decking of your choice. If you need help with anything, want an estimate, or have any questions regarding any of our offerings, you can call us at (206) 268-0663 or email us at sales@nsbmseattle.com. We are here to help you find the supplies you need.

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