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The Kind of Metal Flashing Seattle Deserves


Have you been looking for a way to further weatherproof your home? Does it seem like, when you search online for metal flashing, you can’t find any options that quite meet your needs? We offer the caliber of metal flashing Seattle deserves. Every piece of metal flashing we provide is made to the highest standard and out of the best caliber of materials. That way, no matter how much it rains or snows, you can be snug, secure, and comfortable in your home or other building.


How Metal Flashing Works


When people hear the word “flashing,” they may think of something that’s temporary or ephemeral, something that “flashes.” The metal flashing we offer, however, is the exact opposite: it’s durable. It stays. It can protect your roof for a long period of time. Semantically, flashing specifically refers to pieces of material (typically thin) that are installed to keep water from getting into a structure. For the most part, you’ll see flashing on walls, windows, door openings, chimneys, and so forth. While it keeps water out, it also helps to keep mold from entering your building too.


Aluminum Metal Flashing


Much of the metal flashing that we offer is made out of aluminum. There are any number of reasons for this. Flashing made from aluminum is easy to work with, which means that it can be installed without too much trouble. By that same token, it also does a very good job of holding paint. That means you can have the kind of high level metal flashing you want that also fits into your design aesthetic. Instead of having to choose between effective metal flashing and style, you can get the best of both worlds, so to speak.


Custom Metal Flashing


Every home is different. That’s certainly true here in the Pacific Northwest. We believe that everyone who wants metal flashing for their home or other kind of building should be able to get it easily. That’s why we offer custom metal flashing. Through this, we can make the kind of metal flashing that fits your exact needs. Instead of having to take something that was designed for someone else and then either alter it (or just hope that it fits), we can provide you with unique metal flashing options. Your home building is one of a kind and deserves a flashing that treats it as such.



More than Just Metal Flashing in Seattle


While we’re quite proud of the metal flashing options that we offer, it’s far from the only product in our catalog. Indeed, between decking, windows, doors, interior fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and more, we have just about everything you could want. Seattle and the surrounding area is no stranger to rain and precipitation. You don’t want to have to get new flashing every year, nor do you want to have to deal with the effects of a damp, leaky building. We can help with that as well as so much more. For further information, check out our site or call us at (206) 268-0663. 

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