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Use Primed Spruce Fascia Board in Your American Craftsman Home

Few styles are as demonstrably and certifiably American as the renowned Craftsman style. This style is, after all, seen all across the United States. Its popular appeal and visual simplicity have allowed it to appeal to all sorts of different tastes and sensibilities. For well over a century, it has continued to define the artistic identity of a whole nation and as a building materials supplier, we at New Standard Building Materials take pride in providing you with only the best. In the interest of such, we have developed special primed spruce fascia boards to make sure that everyone has access to the necessary materials.


The American Craftsman Style


The last years of the 19th century saw the birth of what came to be known as the American Arts and Crafts movement. Across different disciplines, notably architecture, interior design, applied arts, and decorative arts, this movement led to the creation of a wholly unique visual style and lifestyle philosophy that engrained itself in the developing American identity. It was a direct response to both the devaluation of the individual artist on the part of industrialization and the decline of the overdecorated Victorian aesthetic. It was a call for the appreciation of artists, simplicity of form, local sourcing of materials, and emphasis on handicraft. For the subsequent decades, all the way to the 1930s, the movement shaped the way American homes, institutions, and entire communities looked.



Common Architectural Features of Craftsman Homes


Even if you think you don’t know what an American Craftsman home looks like, you definitely have seen your share. These are characterized by a few specific architectural traits, such as a gabled or hipped roof and deeply overhanging eaves. Rafters are commonly exposed, and if not, decorative brackets are placed under eaves. There is commonly a front porch beneath the extension of the main roof, which is supported by tapered square columns. Shingles and hand-crafted woodwork are commonly used as siding, but a wide variety of materials are implemented throughout the whole structure. All throughout the design, there is an emphasis on symmetry and artistry, including tasteful details such as the characteristic trim around doors and windows. That’s when our primed spruce fascia board comes in.


Primed Spruce Fascia Board


In order to build a proper American Craftsman home, it is necessary to implement a variety of different elements that give it the characteristic look of a classic national icon. This includes a tasteful decorative trim around doors and windows, often white, for which our factory-primed spruce fascia is a perfect choice. Whether you are trimming front doors, windows, or garage doors, these high quality boards are sure to bring a sense of stature and taste to the home in question. There is a reason behind the longevity of the American Craftsman style. It’s timeless, after all, appealing to the best artistic sensibilities this country has to offer. At New Standard Building Materials, we have the boards just for you. For more information on our products or custom quotes for materials, you can always give our team a call at (206) 268-0663. We are here to help.

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