doors and windows

How Windows and Doors Beautify and Protect Your Seattle House

Many people who decide to renovate their homes don’t give as much attention to doors and windows. Although there might be not much glamour involved when dealing with these parts of the house, they nevertheless play an important role in your home’s comfort, energy-efficiency, and safety. Doors and windows protect your belongings and family from…

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Where Should You Start First When Renovating Your House in Seattle, WA

Renovating your home is a major undertaking and people who want to do it, often don’t even know where to start. There are two main reasons why you should consider renovating your home. First, you want to do the job so your home would extend its life without anything breaking down. Second, you want to…

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why using quality building materials for your seattle home is important

Why Using Quality Building Materials for Your Seattle Home is Important

When you decide to build your ideal home, you should choose a trustworthy company to design and build your house. As important as this is to purchase building materials in Seattle from a reputable source. This can save you a lot of headaches in the future. The importance of quality Using poor-quality materials makes structures…

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siding supply in Seattle

Maintaining Fibercement Siding According to a Siding Supply in Seattle

One of the most popular siding options offered by our siding supply in Seattle is fibercement. This kind of siding gets its name from being a combination of wood fibers and cement, as well as sand and other components. It is well known for its versatility, given how it can be manufactured to realistically look…

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metal flashing in seattle

Should You Get Flexible or Metal Flashing in Seattle?

At the time of making sure that buildings are properly protected against the elements, you will always need to address the need for flashing. Understanding the importance of choosing good flashing materials in construction will be important in order to ensure the longevity of the building. We work hard to develop proper metal flashing in…

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hardie vertical siding

Hardie Vertical Siding vs Horizontal Siding – Which One’s Best?

Siding determines the look of a house, but it also ensures its protection from the elements. It is, after all, the surface that protects the structure from moisture, wind erosion, and water damage. When choosing the siding of a home, you will be given two options: vertical and horizontal Which one is better? How can…

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cedar fascia boards

Cedar Fascia Boards Are the Best Choice to Protect Your Structure

Whether it comes to protecting the integrity of any structure will end up depending on how well you can protect it from water damage. This is where fascia boards come in. Here at New Standard Building Materials, we take pride in providing you with only the best. In the interest of such, we have developed…

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chateau interior doors

Chateau Interior Doors – What Makes French Doors French?

Just like many other concepts in decoration, the term “French doors” gets thrown around a lot by realtors, property managers, and decor gurus. A lot of people think it has come to encompass just about any nice-looking door. However, French doors are very specific construction components. Here’s some more information about them and our characteristic…

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