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Chateau Interior Doors – What Makes French Doors French?

Just like many other concepts in decoration, the term “French doors” gets thrown around a lot by realtors, property managers, and decor gurus. A lot of people think it has come to encompass just about any nice-looking door. However, French doors are very specific construction components. Here’s some more information about them and our characteristic chateau interior doors.




What Are French Doors?


Unlike French fries, French doors were most definitely originated in France. The 17th century saw plenty of advancements in art and architecture, which led to a lot of experimentation in the decorative arts. One of the main architectural features that have gained popularity during this time was the incorporation of glass into the architecture. Due to increased control over the material and consistent improvement upon the necessary structural support, glass panes could now be comfortably implemented onto structures. This led to subsequent French architecture, for example, focusing a lot on large windows that served both decorative and practical purposes. It was around this time that French doors started to appear.

The concept of French doors actually started out as large windows. They were installed in such a way that they could actually be opened into a terrace or balcony. These windows allowed for practical passage into an outdoor area while also letting much more light into a room and for longer periods of time. Soon, they grew in popularity and began to spread across Europe. They became decorative staples of a lot of European architecture, not just for terrace and balcony doors but in general. They started to be used indoors, with differently tempered glass in order to limit visibility from one room to the other. Eventually, iron and wood gave way to other materials for the door themselves, different kinds of panels were implemented and designs were further elaborated on.


Incorporating Chateau Interior Doors


Chateau interior doors are modern kinds of French doors that use different degrees of tempered panels and incorporates them onto doors for both practical and decorative purposes. These allow you to control the flow of natural light, regulate visibility, and add specific personality touches to the interior design of a home. These avoid the bland look of evenly solid doors and create lighter, more elegant interior doors. Your bedroom door, for example, can use tempered panels while your closet doors can use clear ones to allow more light in. In the end, these doors give you more ways to decorate and organize a space, especially given just how much freedom you have to determine the number and distribution of panels.


Custom Interior Doors


At New Standard Building Materials, we are constantly putting in an effort to deliver the best construction materials available and make sure that you have everything you need to make your home into that you’ve always wanted. We understand just how important it is to make use of only the best materials at the time of building, so we refuse to ever neglect any stage of the process. For more information on our products or custom quotes for materials, you can always give our team a call at (206) 268-0663. We are here to help you get the l and z-flashing channels for your construction.

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