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The Hardie siding collection has a variety of different options available that can work for different architectural styles, weather conditions, and tastes. At New Standard Building Materials, we make sure to provide our customers with every siding option available, from Hardie vertical siding to shingles and panels. We aim to offer the most complete catalog so as to satisfy just about any different approach to a home’s siding. The following are a few of the siding options we offer and some of their common uses. However, we invite you to browse through the rest of our online collection of sidings.


Hardie Shingles


Cedar shingles are a very popular form of siding for a variety of reasons. After all, they provide a particular look, texture, and pattern to the home in question. However, actual cedar shingles tend to require a lot of maintenance. But there is a way in which you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of cedar shingles without worrying about such frequent upkeep. The Hardie fibercement shingles have become a very durable choice across many North American homes while perfectly simulating traditional cedar siding.



Hardie Vertical Siding Paneling


While most traditional homes will often opt for more typical horizontal siding boards or shingles, there is a common alternative that’s growing in popularity. Paneling provides homes with a more unique modern look that appeals to a lot of contemporary sensibilities. Hardie vertical siding paneling can really complement more modern homes, such as those implementing harder edges and boxier structures. These will give otherwise unremarkable structures more of an edge and personality.


Hardie Soffit Panels


Another common option for vertical siding is the use of Hardie Soffit panels. These fibercement panels are durable and resistant, yet they can be crafted to resemble all sorts of different textures, from vented and non-vented cedar mill to completely smooth. These panels reinforce your home’s structure by protecting its more vulnerable gaps between the eaves and the exterior walls. A home is only as strong as its weakest points, after all, so these are great ways to protect your investment.


HardiePlank Lap Siding


No siding alternative can adapt equally as well to traditional and modern homes as HardiePlank lap siding. These boards can contribute the overlapping siding look characteristic to the most quintessentially American houses. At the same time, it can also provide modern and conceptual flat surfaces to more avant-garde homes. Whether you are siding a colonial or a modern, the HardiePlank lap siding is sure to be a reasonable option at the time of finishing up the look of your home.


Implementing Hardie Siding


We at New Standard Building Materials are proud suppliers of quality building materials to the Seattle area. In the interest of providing our customers with the best products available, we carefully select our source materials and enforce quality manufacturing throughout the ensuing process. For more information on our products or custom quotes for materials, you can always give our team a call at (206) 268-0663. We are here to help.

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