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How to Pick the Best Fascia Board Material for Your Structure

Fascia refers to the wideband that makes up the area resting on the capitals of columns (officially known as the architrave) directly above them. This section of the entablature surrounds the base of the roof, protecting the outer walls of the building, as well as openings such as windows and doors, from potential damage from rain and sunlight. As you can see, these are very important architectural components. So what is the best fascia board material? Let’s go over the most popular options.






Aluminum, as you know, is one of the most durable and versatile materials out there. It is usually not used in construction whenever steel can be used since it’s less expensive, but it can actually come in quite useful whenever you need lighter materials, additional corrosion resistance, or specific engineering features. For example, it is often used in windows, doors, siding, building wire, roofing, and sheathing. When it comes to aluminum as a fascia board material, it is not used as a board in and of itself. Instead, it can be a good way to the weatherproof wood fascia, especially given how pliable it is. It can be bent and wrapped completely around the wood in order to extend its life. However, please note that this installation might be expensive.




You probably have heard of the vinyl used in construction as PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride. The standard PVC will include plasticizers that can add flexibility to the fascia, and that’s not how to mention how durable vinyl can be. When used in siding, for example, vinyl can last for decades. Unplasticized vinyl fascia will be even more rigid and durable, requiring little maintenance and even enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the material. Once again, however, vinyl isn’t always ideal for the fascia boards themselves. Instead, the vinyl can be fastened to the wood fascia in order to protect it and increase its lifespan.




As you can see by now, wood is commonly agreed to be the best fascia board material. Why? Well, on one hand, it’s the most affordable, but also because it’s the best in structural terms. Sure, it may not be resistant to water, but that is what vinyl and aluminum protections are for. Most homes and residences in the United States implement wooden fascia boards, for the material has proven to be the most effective board material. When the material is properly implemented along with the right roof covering, wood will be very resistant to the elements while also looking pretty good as well. Fascia is very prominent on the facade of the home, which is why choosing wood can be quite rewarding in aesthetic terms.


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At New Standard Building Materials, we are dedicated to getting you the best construction supplies. We do so by sourcing them from the best materials in the first place. This is why primed spruce is our fascia board material of choice. We have been proudly developing construction materials for years, serving both professional builders and retail customers. For more information on our products or custom quotes for materials, you can always give our team a call at (206) 268-0663. We are here to help.

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