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What’s the Ideal Fascia Board Material in Construction?

Construction is all about finding the right materials to get the job done. After all, these are the ones that will ensure the integrity of the overall structure and procure its longevity. This applies to everything, from the actual structure to the things on the surface. So yes, it will be very important to find the best fascia board material when approaching the construction of a home.


Fascia Boards


When we are talking about fascia boards, we are referring to a component of classical architecture. Fascia is the Latin word for “band,” “bandage,” “ribbon,” and “swathe.” This makes sense since the fascia is the wide band that makes up the area resting on the capitals of columns (known officially as the architrave) directly above them. This section of the entablature surrounds the base of the roof, protecting the outer walls of the building, as well as openings such as windows and doors, from potential damage from rain and sunlight. For most of the history of architecture, fascia boards have been key in protecting the integrity of structures.




Fascia Board Material


As for what fascia boards are actually made of, the fascia board material will vary from one situation to another, as is the case with construction in general. They can be made of polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), non-corrosive sheet metal, or wood. In non-domestic structures, they can even be made out of ornately carved stone. However, most homes and residential structures in the United States tend to use wood fascia boards. Wood has proven to be the most effective board material. When properly implemented with the right roof covering, wood can be quite a resistant and aesthetically pleasing fascia that complements the overall structure.


Our Material of Choice


Spruce trees, the source of our primed spruce fascia, are a number of different evergreen conifers native to the northern hemisphere. The lumber that comes from these trees is characterized by a very specific resin odor. This wood is used in a variety of different contexts, ranging from musical instruments to aircraft and boat construction. However, it is most commonly found in construction, mainly due to the lumber’s even textures and lightweight properties. It’s a very strong kind of lumber for situations in which the boards will be under low stress, and the wood is known for withstanding rot when in constant contact with soil or dampness.


New Standard Building Materials


Given the outstanding quality of primed spruce fascia, the lumber can be used in a variety of different contexts within construction, and we at NSBM Seattle have primed it with such uses in mind. More than anything, they are used in the fascia. You can browse our website and look through our catalog in order to find the fascia board material that you are looking for. If you need help with anything, want an estimate, or have any questions regarding any of our offerings, you can call us at (206) 268-0663 or email us at sales@nsbmseattle.com. We are here to help you find the building materials that you are looking for.

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