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Window Redesign Plans? Contact NSBM Seattle for Expert Tips


Windows bring both aesthetic and functional qualities to a house. Beautifully designed windows add to the charm of the house while at the same time lighting the interior and allowing in fresh air. If you are considering a redesign of your windows to achieve these values, we at NSBM Seattle have plenty of tips and home renovation products to offer you.


Consider the purpose for the window


The purpose for which a window is needed in a particular room will determine its design. For purposes of ventilation, for example, consider the amount and movement of fresh air needed before settling on size and function. A window connecting the interior to the patio can equally serve as a sliding door while enhancing air circulation and lighting. In some rooms, fixed windows may be preferred to achieve optimal building envelope system standards.



Harmonize window design with the architectural style


Our experts at NSBM will help you select window designs that complement the architectural accent of your home. The choice of new window designs must fit in with the existing doors for a beautiful ensemble that will add to your home’s curb value. In the same way, choose transoms and mullions with colors that blend well with the exterior architectural design of your home.


Window orientation


Since this is a redesign for a house already built, we assume there is nothing you can do about the orientation to the sun. However, we can help you redesign your windows in a way that will address orientation issues like excessive light in rooms facing the sun. Getting the orientation right and using flashing products will also help to stabilize interior temperatures across seasons and minimize utility bills.


Style your interiors with great window designs


Windows can add beauty, charm, and elegance to your interior spaces. Working with you, NSBM experts will share awesome makeover ideas to go with your window redesign for a beautiful home. Go for windows that bring in the outdoors with picturesque views if you have these or use different shapes and styles for a unique look to your rooms.



Mix windows for uniqueness


Having one window design for your home can be monotonous and plain. Look at every wall and angle of your home separately and see what different design would best fit. This way, you can fit horizontal sliders on one wall while fitting double hung windows on the other. Fixed windows in different shapes and designs can beautifully dress up other walls completing an elegant look for your home. Uniquely designed eaves hung over windows provide a classy touch and are equally functional against the elements.

Beautiful windows make a beautiful home and to be sure when redesigning that you get your renovation budget’s worth, consider hiring professionals to undertake the project for you. At NSBM, we have experts that can help you carry out your window redesign. Call us on (206) 268-0663 and we will be happy to help.

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