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Washington Building Supply Helps You Find the Siding You’re Looking For


We all know just how important siding is when it comes to construction. After all, it is the barrier of protection between the structure of a home and the elements that threaten its integrity. Siding comes in a lot of different stylings and materials, and at our Washington building Supply, we want to make sure that we have all of them. Here are some of our offerings.



Pine Siding


When it comes to siding solutions, pine has been around longer than most. In fact, it’s often considered the standard. And that’s not without reasoning! Not only is pine less expensive than other tree species, but it also holds a finish well, which is why it’s a favorite for painted or stained horizontal siding. However, it’s important to remember that pine is not rot-resistant, which is why it’s important to keep it sealed and well-maintained. Here at our Washington building supply, our premium pine paneling is sourced from eastern white pine, and it is perfect for many interior and exterior projects. Our tongue and groove premium pine paneling also offers a great pattern with a v-groove option.


Cedar Siding


Unlike pine, cedar is well-known for its rot resistance, as well as its grain. It is naturally more resistant to both insects and moisture, but it still needs to be properly treated and maintained in order for it to last as long as it can. In aesthetic terms, not only does cedar take staining very well, but it also maintains a lot of personalities even after taking a finish. At New Standard Building Materials, we have plenty of different options for cedar siding, including bevel, tongue and groove, channel, and shingles. Each different iteration will bring with it the advantages of cedar siding while adapting to your siding styling of choice.


Fiber cement Siding


As a popular choice among homeowners all across North America, fiber cement siding keeps popping up as a non-wooden siding alternative. Why? Fiber cement siding gets its name from being a combination of wood fibers and cement, as well as sand and other components. It is well known for its versatility, given how it can be manufactured to realistically look like masonry, stucco, or wood. The siding is applied in the form of overlapping horizontal boards that imitate traditional wood siding or shingles. It is more often than not considered more durable than wood, lasting for at least fifty years or so. That is, of course, under the right maintenance. It will be required to be painted over every few years, the recurrence depending on the quality of the coat applied. The material itself is resistant to water and termites, and, unlike wood, it is non-combustible.


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Here at our Washing building supply, we want our customers to have access to the best building materials available, which means curating a catalog worthy of your construction projects. Regardless of the type of siding that you are looking for, we at New Standard Building Materials will have the right one for you. For more information on our products or custom quotes for materials, you can always give our team a call at (206) 268-0663. We are here to help.

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