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The Visual and Functional Appeal of Clear Cedar Siding


It’s only natural that you would want only the best materials to work with when it comes to construction, which is why so many people ask for clear cedar when looking for siding options. What makes clear cedar siding so special?



What Makes Clear Cedar Siding Different?


To understand what clear cedar even means, we first need to discuss cedar grades. These are the standards by which we evaluate the integrity and the appearance of lumber on a scale. In general, lumber grades tend to be very confusing due to the fact that they are very technical, so non-experts might have a bit of a hard time with this. On top of that, different species will have different grading systems. Cedar has two different grading systems: an appearance grade and a structural one. Clear cedar siding is a factor of appearance grading. In this scale, which goes from A to D, clear cedar corresponds to the A. This clear quality refers to the fact that cedar at this point is almost completely devoid of knots.


So, Why Choose Clear Cedar?


Well, clear siding is commonly sought after due to its lack of knots, which makes it very visually pleasing for people who like wood to be as uniform as possible. However, clear cedar siding still has a few visible knots here and there. While you can get cedar that is free of 100% of knots, it is very expensive and often difficult to find, which is why clear cedar is often the best option.  Besides, wood surfaces without any knots lose the naturally rustic appeal of wood. In fact, a lot of knot-less wooden surfaces can look like artificial wood regardless of their real quality because of that same fact. Clear cedar, on the other hand, often proves to be a very good balance between clean and authentic.


Beyond Just the Way it Looks


Of course, in construction, you can’t just go for the option you feel looks best. You also need to consider the functional aspects, particularly when it comes to siding. This is the outer protective layer of your home, so you need something that is durable and resistant to the elements. The good thing is that clear cedar siding can give you the best of both aesthetics and structural integrity. Your siding can hence look good and natural while also providing the right kind of protection. You won’t find a better balance between the way siding looks and the functions it fulfills.


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