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The Classic Charm of French Chateau Interior Doors

When it comes to decorating, there are few influences as good as the French. After all, so much of our current decorative tendencies come from them. And that’s for a reason! French design has an unparalleled elegance and taste to it, which clearly explains the popularity of French chateau interior doors to this day. But what is the appeal of these staples of design?



Why French?


To this day, many of the design traits that we incorporate into the architecture of our homes are inspired or influenced by the French decorative moment of the 17th century. This was a result of plenty of advancements in art and architecture, which led to a lot of experimentation in the decorative arts. One of the main architectural features that have gained popularity during this time was the incorporation of glass into the architecture. Due to how versatile our use of glass became at the time, panes of glass could now be incorporated into the structure more comfortably. This led to subsequent French architecture, for example, focusing a lot on large windows that served both decorative and practical purposes.


So, What Are French Doors?


Funnily enough, French doors started out as large windows that were installed in such a way that they could be opened into a balcony or a terrace. These could serve as a practical passage into an outdoor space while also letting enough light into a room throughout the day. These windows soon become increasingly more and more popular across Europe, turning into decorative staples of a lot of the continent’s architecture, not just for terrace and balcony doors, but in general. They started to be used indoors, with differently tempered glass in order to limit visibility from one room to the other. Eventually, iron and wood gave way to other materials for the door themselves, different kinds of panels were implemented and designs were further elaborated on.


Chateau Interior Doors


Those latter doors, the ones using differently tempered glass, are the ones we now know as chateau interior doors. These doors will let you regulate visibility, control the flow of natural light, and incorporate specific personality touches to the interior design of a home. By using these different concepts of doors, you can avoid the typical bland look of regular doors and create better-lit, more elegant interiors. Your bedroom door, for example, can use tempered panels while your closet doors can use clear ones to allow more light in. The whole point is to give you more ways to decorate and organize a space, especially given just how much freedom you have to determine the number and distribution of panels


New Standard Building Materials


At New Standard Building Materials, we aim to provide only the best custom chateau doors in all of the Seattle area. To make sure that we are giving our customers the best products in the market, we carefully select our source materials and maintain outstanding manufacturing standards throughout the whole process. For the best building materials available, give our team a call at (206) 268-0663. We are here to help.

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