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Local Building Material Supplier Advice on Cedar Fencing


Getting sturdy, long-lasting fencing materials and provide great privacy as well as protection is very important. As a homeowner, it cannot be stressed enough how much a perimeter fence is important. One of the most used materials for building a fence is cedarwood. These fences look amazing, and they are long-lasting when treated correctly. Here is some advice on how you can make your cedar fence look more beautiful and last longer:



Profiling cedar fencing using aluminum profiles


Aluminum profiles on cedar wood fences have multifold benefits. One of them is adding to the appearance of the fence. It makes the fence look modernistic and very neat when compared to using timber to do the job. You can join and profile the fence only right along the edges, depending on the perimeter’s height. Simultaneously, aluminum profiles protect the edges from direct moisture, and they can encase these parts, shielding them from rain and dew. You can get aluminum profiles from New Standard building material supplier in a variety of colors.


Staining the cedar fence


Cedar fence is the prime material to stain for a much more beautiful look that appeals to others from a mile away. You can stain the wood to avoid having the natural aging tints and add a more vibrant color. For example, you can make it a little bit brighter or add a sheen to the fence. The possibilities are limitless when you are staining your fence, and the results are very appealing. You can get high-quality stains from the best building material supplier Seattle.


Why is staining important?


Many people think staining wood is just an optional part of fencing using cedar, and thus they treat it as such. The truth is staining is very important to preserve the life of the wood. By using high-grade staining material, you can prevent the wood from rotting and being damaged by water. For example, 100% paraffin oil-based stains prevent UV ray damage and water rot.


What to consider when installing or renovating a cedar fence


When installing a new cedar fence or renovating it, you should consider avoiding using paint because it peels off quite easily. There are certain types of waterproof paint you can get from our building material store Seattle. However, it also peels off when it has been exposed to the sun for too long. Staining it is usually the best option, especially since a stain penetrates deep into the wood.


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