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Hardie Panel Vertical Siding Changes Your Approach to Siding

Everyone knows what the classic American home looks like, right? The low-pitched roof lines with gabled roofs, the overhanging eaves, the horizontal siding, the mixed materials, the square columns around the porch, these are all common features across many of the homes in the United States, which is why diverging from some of these staples can often be jarring. However, just as it can be off-putting at first, it can be very exciting when the time comes to implement changes, which is where vertical siding comes in. The Hardie panel collection is here to bring a different look to structures you might be used to. Allow us to introduce you to its possibilities.

A New Aesthetic

Before we delve into the more practical details, let’s talk about all the visual advantages that vertical siding has over its horizontal counterpart. Not only can it give a home a unique look that sets it apart from others on the block, but it can also enhance the construction itself. For example, it can make the structure look taller, highlight certain architectural features, and enhance the look of the surface. By making it harder for humidity and debris to accumulate in between each Hardie panel, the siding can also maintain a cleaner look for a longer time. See? Not only is it an interesting approach to the appearance of your home but it’s also a good approach to caring for it.

The Most Durable Siding

As you know, siding is there to protect your home, which means that it has to be durable and resistant to the environment. Sure, the direction of the siding won’t be the sole indicator of its durability, it will mostly be the installation and material themselves that will have an impact on how much the siding will last. But don’t underestimate the impact of the direction. Moisture can accumulate on the edges of the horizontal planks, dripping into the siding strips and affecting the look. This is not a problem with vertical Hardie panels, though, since these allow the water to run right down the edges without giving it the opportunity to accumulate.

Avoid High Maintenance Costs

You have maybe heard that it’s cheaper to install horizontal siding than it is to install vertical siding, which for the most part is true. However, don’t let this deter you from considering Hardie panel vertical siding. Horizontal siding is the more common siding method, plus it doesn’t require as much labor in order to install. So sure, there might be an added cost at the time of installation. However, these costs end up balancing out in the long run for most homeowners. As previously stated, vertical siding does tend to be more durable, so the money put towards installing it is being saved on future repairs and restorations.

Find Hardie Panel Siding at NSBM

At New Standard Building Materials, we are dedicated to getting you the best construction supplies. We do so by sourcing them from the best materials in the first place, which is why we consider Hardie Panel siding such a reliable choice. We have been proudly developing construction materials for years, serving both professional builders and retail customers. For more information on our products or custom quotes for materials, you can always give our team a call at (206) 268-0663. We are here to help.

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