Fortifiber Moisture Protection Systems Keep Your Structure Safe

Everyone in construction knows just how important it is for a structure to be properly protected from the elements, which can include wind, water, and all sorts of other threats to the integrity of a structure. An ideal tool for this will be the Fortifiber moisture protection systems.



How Does Fortifiber Protect a Structure?


The Fortifiber moisture resistance system is a construction industry standard when it comes to protecting structures from the potential impact of the elements. This system forms the vertical surface behind the exterior wall cladding that allows water to safely drain out of the wall system and enables wet wall components to dry safely. Here’s what Fortifiber can do for your structure.


Moisture Protection


You never want moisture to intrude on your structure. Not only will this result in discomfort to those inside the structure but it could also potentially compromise its integrity. In order to make sure that this isn’t a problem, you will want to implement tools such as the Fortifiber envelope systems. These will form the vertical surface behind the exterior wall cladding (be it stucco, brick, siding, or others), which allows water to safely drain out of the wall system. Additionally, this will enable wet wall components to dry safely thanks to its ability to allow moisture to pass through the barrier material.


Water Damage Protection


The problem with water is that it can easily get almost anywhere. A structure, which is literally designed to keep out the elements, can still be prone to damage by excess or collected water. By implementing Fortifiber flashing on the walls of the structure, you can protect the wall itself from water that manages to make its way through the exterior cladding. This allows it to act as a barricade that helps present water from reaching and, therefore, damaging the interior wall system components, such as the insulation and the framing. This is why investing in good envelope systems will prove to save you a lot of money and trouble in the future.


Reducing Air Infiltration


Air infiltration is one of those things that you may not always notice but will consistently be bothered by. You might feel a draft here and there, but that’s not the worst consequence. More often than not, you will notice that your home is harder to warm up or ventilate, resulting in higher energy bills and neverending temperature control issues. If you want to reduce air infiltration and therefore maintaining an energy-efficient structure, there’s no better solution than to implement Fortifiber flashing and envelope systems. This way, you avoid the intrusion of wind and drafts into a home and anticipate possible temperature control problems in the future.


Get Fortifiber with New Standard Building Materials


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