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Decorate Your Home with Our Cedar Fascia

When you are searching for ways to improve the exterior of your property, then you might consider adding a new wooden feature to the fascia on the building. This board is actually a part of the roofing system of the property, even though it might appear to be just another portion of your wall. It is positioned there in order to cover up the rafters inside your roof and to prevent water draining off of the roof and running into your home. In addition, it is also often used as a supporting system for your gutter. For this reason, it is a good idea to invest in water resistant cedar fascia boards from the specialists at New Standard Building Materials Seattle.



Materials Used in Fascia


Modern properties will often have a PVC or vinyl fascia installed as part of the new build. This is often preferred because it is an affordable way to make the board waterproof without having to use expensive coatings are the materials. However, this can often look out of place when used decided building that is made from stone or brick, for example. As an alternative it is often better to make use of wooden fascia boards instead. Wooden materials chosen for this installation may include redwood and cedar wood, as both are what resistant and can prevent moisture from coming into the home. However, if you are prepared to invest more into the fashion, then you may find that you can use furs, pines, and spruces as an alternative to vinyl boards. We can recommend that you choose wooden boarding where your home is otherwise built of natural materials and plastic fascia would look out of place.


Adding Other Features


Once you have chosen the particular materials that you want to use as your protective boards, then you may also need to consider your options for decoration to make the exterior more attractive. For example, many homeowners with vinyl siding choose to decorate their boards with particular covers. This is used in order to protect the wooden fascia and to make the protection against damp more secure. These covers are designed to be nailed and painted into position against the board. You can also make use of soffit materials that protect the underside of the fascia and prevent small animals and birds from gaining access to your roof from underneath.



Let Us Help You Pick Fantastic Wooden Fascia


If you have decided that you would like to add wooden boards to your home, then we are happy to help you consider cedar fascia as the best choice. Naturally more water resistant than other wood alternatives, cedar is the ideal tool to help you get the best from your installation. At New Standard Building Materials Seattle we can happily provide you with everything that you need to make sure that you get an attractive and appealing fascia. For more information, talk to us now using our online message board or call us at (206) 268-0663 today.

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