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Building Envelope System Benefits – Contact NSBM Seattle for Best Material Supply

building envelope system comprises the entire exterior structure of the house alongside doors, windows, and vents. The system also includes the foundations, floor, roof structure, and any form of insulation installed in the house. The core function of this system is to protect the interior from exposure to the elements. Here are some benefits of building envelope systems.


Protection against water damage


At NSBM building material supplier, we stock top quality cladding material for your envelope system. For vertical surfaces behind the exterior wall cladding, we recommend Fortifiber. It helps reduce air infiltration that would otherwise compromise energy system efficiency while allowing moisture to filter through to keep wet wall components dry. Fortifiber also protects the interior from water that may accidentally seep through the exterior cladding.


Insulation for energy efficiency


We also stock Kingspan materials that are used for floor, wall, and roof insulation to enhance the envelope system. Using these products will greatly enhance your home’s energy efficiency and significantly reduce HVAC costs. If you are undertaking home construction and want to buy building material in Seattle, then NSBM has a wide selection for envelope systems.


Versatile finishes


Prefabricated products for building envelope systems have the advantage of custom finishes for enhanced aesthetics. Besides their excellent properties for house envelope systems, prefabs can be manufactured to replicate the look of more expensive materials like terracotta, natural stone, or metal. This adds to the beauty of the house and increases curb value for the homeowner. Flashing products are also manufactured this way to provide a harmonious look and blend in with the rest of the structure.


Integration of glazing systems


The advantage of using prefabricated building envelope systems is that windows can be designed alongside the panels before delivery to the site. This ensures a perfect fit and further improves the quality of the envelope system as windows are installed and caulked at the factory. NSBM has the capacity to provide custom-made house envelope systems and our experienced professionals will assist in installation.


Easy maintenance


Due to the perfect sealing of all air gaps that would otherwise allow rain and moisture into the house, there is less to no occurrence of mildew and mold. This reduces corrosion, decay, and infestation damage further increasing the life of the building substrate at minimal maintenance requirement. NSBM supplies top quality materials for both the envelope structures and coating to ensure tight building ventilation control. Give your home quality aesthetics, energy efficiency, and long-lasting protection by hiring professionals to install high-grade building envelope systems.




The benefits of a building’s envelope system are many and attractive to the homeowner. However, the building envelope also requires protection against the elements to work optimally. NSBM recommends the use of a weather barrier coating to protect against potential failure. If you are looking to build a home in Seattle, please pay us a visit or call us at (206) 268-0663 at your convenience for further assistance.

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