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Siding materials

Siding is an outer layer of your building and is the defining element in the building design. New Standard Building Materials stores have a large assortment, top siding brands, and an expert team to make sure you select the right products for your project.

Brands We Carry

Siding materials

New Standard offers everything you need to install a long lasting quality siding for your next construction project.

Our factory primed spruce is perfect to use as door, window, and garage door trim. It's also appearance graded by our vendor to ensure 100% usability!
Cedar wood siding has both an aesthetic appeal and good weather resistance. It also happens to be environmentally safe and energy efficient!
A good alternative to cedar siding, fiber cement is easier to work with and requires less maintenance. It is a durable and a very popular choice among homeowners all over...
Metal siding is resistant to fire, mold, cracking, warping, and corrosion, and may last for several decades with proper care and maintenance.
Get custom siding made to your specifications for your projects.
Our Premium Pine Paneling is Eastern White Pine that can be used for many interior and exterior projects. Light and natural, this tongue and groove premium pine paneling board offers...

Exterior siding

Exterior siding plays an important role in protecting your home against weather and outside elements like rain, wind, and snow. You can reduce damage caused by weather, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and improve its curb appeal and overall appearance by choosing the right siding material.

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