Maintaining Fibercement Siding According to a Siding Supply in Seattle

siding supply in Seattle

One of the most popular siding options offered by our siding supply in Seattle is fibercement. This kind of siding gets its name from being a combination of wood fibers and cement, as well as sand and other components. It is well known for its versatility, given how it can be manufactured to realistically look like masonry, stucco, or wood. It is often considered more durable than wood, lasting for at least fifty years or so. The material itself is resistant to water and termites, and, unlike wood, it is non-combustible. That is, under the right maintenance. 

siding supply in seattle

Maintain the Gutters

In order to make sure your siding lives all the way through its intended lifespan, then it will be necessary to protect it from moisture. That’s what the gutters and downspouts of a building are there for, after all. These channels are there for any water to be diverted away from the vulnerable points of the structure. This includes the siding itself. After all, regardless of just how resistant or durable the siding is, repeated exposure to the elements will wear it down and decrease its own lifespan. In order to protect your fibercement siding, be sure to ensure proper water channels and to maintain effective gutters. You can do so by, at the very least, cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. This is particularly important before rainy or stormy seasons.

Clean the Siding

In order to protect siding, you will also need to keep it clean. You need to do this, not just because you will want to maintain a pleasant aesthetic, but because of the integrity of the siding itself. If you avoid cleaning your fibercement siding, then it might start showing the signs and the effects of mold and mildew. This will soon deteriorate the paint on the siding and the integrity of the siding itself. The way to prevent this from happening is to clean the siding through a pressure washer or a high-pressure hose, spraying from the top of the siding all the way down. Of course, it will be important to check with the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean the surfaces in order to make sure you clean it properly without damaging it.

Repaint Fibercement Siding

Fibercement is an incredibly resistant and reliable siding option, but it will require being repainted eventually. Not as often as, for example, wood, but still. You will need to repaint your average fibercement siding every five to fifteen years, depending on the specifics of the manufacturing. Repainting the surface when the siding has started to fade or visibly deteriorate will help you keep it looking good and well-maintained for a few more years. This is not the case with other siding materials, such as vinyl or aluminum, but what you are losing by repainting you are gaining in maintaining the siding itself. By opting for a structurally more durable option, you are better investing in your property, even if it means having to repaint sooner rather than later.

Siding Supply in Seattle

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