Hardie Vertical Siding vs Horizontal Siding – Which One’s Best?

hardie vertical siding

Siding determines the look of a house, but it also ensures its protection from the elements. It is, after all, the surface that protects the structure from moisture, wind erosion, and water damage. When choosing the siding of a home, you will be given two options: vertical and horizontal Which one is better? How can Hardie vertical siding enhance your home? Let’s go over the deciding factors.

hardie vertical siding


The matter of durability obviously doesn’t solely depend on the direction of the siding. Matters of installation and material will clearly influence just how long your siding will last. However, the direction will definitely be important as well. Horizontal planks will definitely be durable, but they can be more vulnerable to the elements given the direction of the edges. Moisture can accumulate on the edges of each plank, dripping into the siding strips and affecting the look. This is not a problem with vertical siding, though, since this allows the water to run right down the edges without giving it the opportunity to accumulate. That’s especially true if you implement Hardie vertical siding. Regardless, even though vertical siding does tend to be the best way to avoid moisture, this issue can still be avoided with horizontal siding by choosing the right material.


It probably goes without saying that horizontal siding is a lot more common than the vertical one. It just takes a drive around most American suburban neighborhoods to see that most houses implement horizontal siding. It is, after all, a trademark concept of the widespread American craftsman style so common in residential areas. It’s straightforward, timeless, and foolproof. Of course, that’s not to discredit vertical siding. It can give a home quite a unique look, and it is sure to catch a passerby’s eye. The best part is that even though it’s definitely unconventional, it isn’t rare enough to be considered tacky or inappropriate. If anything, it can denote elegance and good taste, especially when the architecture itself works in its favor. 


Now we get into the more practical aspects of this decision. First of all, consider this a rule of thumb. This is in no way something that applies everywhere, but the installation of horizontal siding tends to be less expensive and less time-consuming. After all, it’s the more common siding method, plus it doesn’t require as much labor in order to install. Vertical siding requires a layer of furring strips to be placed before the siding itself, meaning additional time and labor need to be put towards the installation of the siding. However, these costs end up balancing out for most people. As previously stated, vertical siding does tend to be more durable, so the money put towards installing it is being saved on future repairs and restorations.

Hardie Vertical Siding

At New Standard Building Materials, we make an effort to provide you with a wide catalog of siding options, including Hardie vertical siding, for your home to look just the way you want it to. You can browse through our website and look through our catalog in order to find what you are looking for. If you need help with anything, want an estimate, or have any questions regarding any of our offerings, you can call us at (206) 268-0663 or email us at sales@nsbmseattle.com. We are here to help you find the supplies you are in need of.

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