Cedar wood siding has both an aesthetic appeal and good weather resistance. It also happens to be enviromentally safe and energy efficient!

Our Material

  • Bevel Siding
    • TK KD
    • TK KD Utility Grade
    • TK KD Primed
    • Clear KD
    • Primed FJ Clear
  • Tongue & Groove Siding
    • TK KD
    • TK KD Sawarne
    • TK KD Primed
    • TK KD Terminal
    • Clear
  • Channel Siding
    • TK Green
    • TK KD
  • Cedar Shingles
    • 16" #1 5X
    • 16" #2
  • Trim/Fascia Board
    • TK GR S1S2E
    • TK GR Post S4S
    • Primed TK
    • Clear GR S1S2E
    • Clear GR S4S
    • Clear GR Post S4S
    • Clear FJ Primed
    • Clear FJ Primed Window Sill
  • Many items are non-stock; call for details
  • NSBM has prestain and staining options for our customers; call and a specialist will help you find what you're looking for!
  • Our cedar comes in lengths ranging from 6 ft to 20ft; we also do not break bundles for Clear T&G

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